Life & Mommyhood

Living for Their Opinions

Living for Their Opinions Girl, I have a very serious question for you…Are you living your life based on someone else’s opinion? Sit back, close your eyes, and take a second to actually think about this. Think about where you live, what you drive, who you are dating...

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The Day My Anxiety Became My Friend

The Day My Anxiety Became My Friend Sitting on the runway at Newark, it happened. I started to enjoy my Anxiety. I mark it with a capital A because it’s a person to me. It’s a part of me. It is its own entity. Forever in the background but sometimes in the forefront....

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Ever Wonder if You Have Anything to Say?

Ever Wonder if You Have Anything to Say? As a physical therapist I talk, a lot.  I talk all day long to different people about different things.  I am a teacher and a coach, a confidant and a supporter.  I speak to people about some very personal things, deep and...

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Are You Following Your Passion?

It seems more and more these days, you can see advertisements for ‘finding your calling’ or ‘following your heart’.  That can be both confusing and disheartening if you don’t know what that means, or maybe you know what it means but you don’t know what to do about it....

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Do You Trust Your Gut?

Trusting your gut or listening to your instincts can mean so many different things. Do you ever do something without thinking, just knowing it was the right thing to do? How do we do that? Why do we do that? Are we even doing that?! For many years, we as humans...

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Ensuring Our Daughters Have Good Self Esteem

When I was 9, I remember standing in my parents kitchen watching my mom and dad carelessly joke with one another. It was sunny and warm and quite the perfect day in my eyes. My mother was so beautiful in that moment. Statuesque, blonde, blue eyed, and carefree. She...

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