Ever Wonder if You Have Anything to Say?

As a physical therapist I talk, a lot.  I talk all day long to different people about different things.  I am a teacher and a coach, a confidant and a supporter.  I speak to people about some very personal things, deep and confidential things, hurtful things, silly things, surface-level things, and more.  I talk ALL DAY LONG.

And then I come home and I talk to my little girl until she goes to bed.  I talk to my husband, who sometimes listens, sometimes converses, but mostly just lets me talk.

After all of that I sit down at my computer to write ALL THE THINGS to you guys.  I want to spread encouragement and motivation and wisdom.  I have all of these things in my head all day long that I just know will be helpful.  And then I sit down.  I stare at my computer screen.  And then nothing…

I wonder where all the words went. And then all those little dark thoughts start to creep in.

You aren’t good enough.

You have nothing to say.

You are a fraud.

Who do you think you are?

Why would people care what you say

There are so many other people who are so much better than you.

You should give up.

You are failing. You are a failure.

All those thoughts will start to race through my mind, and all I want to do is run away.  Procrastinate and go read a book or listen to a podcast.  Anything else but actually write the words.

Sometimes I do that, I walk away from it.  I think it’s important to know when you need a mental break.  But for the most part I write, something.  Even if it is just three words.  I need to prove to my brain that those thoughts are not reality and they are JUST THOUGHTS.  And the words I write might not be the best words I have ever written, but they are MY words, and from that persistence I will grow.  I will slowly show my brain that I am capable and enough and those thoughts are pointless.

So when you sit down to write, stand up to speak, or pick up your brush to create something and your brain starts to spit out those dark thoughts, just take a deep breath.  Breath slowly, count to ten, open your eyes and begin.  Just start writing.  Just start talking.  Just start creating.  And you know what?  It may not be the best thing that’s ever been created by you, but it might be.  And you will be creating a stronger sense of self and confidence so that next time when it happens, that muscle is a little stronger.

If you are compelled to write or speak or create or build I truly believe that is a calling that you should pursue.  I believe that a higher power, for me that is God, places those feeling deep into our souls because there is SOMETHING there that the world needs.  So please don’t give up on yourself.

Just start.