About Me


I grew up wanting to be an artist or a writer, but felt the pressure to do something more ‘stable’…So I decided I was going to medical school.  God is funny and allowed a knee injury in high school to expose me to the world of physical therapy.  I then decided I could make a bigger impact on people’s lives by spending more time with them.

I graduated with my Doctorate degree of Physical Therapy in 2012, passed my boards, got a job and got married, all within 4 months! Whew!

Fast forward a few years, my husband and I decided we wanted to start trying to grow our family.  We lost our first baby, but then were blessed with our rainbow baby girl Larson Grace!  The pregnancy was a bit rough, but I remained as active as I was allowed until the day I gave birth.

I was cleared to return to physical activity at my check up and boy did I go all in 200%…BIG MISTAKE. HUGE MISTAKE!

Because I have always been active, and stayed somewhat active during pregnancy, and I am a physical therapist, I thought I knew enough to return to working out without issue…Well ladies, I started having horrible pain in my pelvis, hips and IT band. My pelvis actually felt it was going to split in half when I would run or squat. It was awful, and I couldn’t fix it.

Again God is funny in the ways He leads us.

I began to research women’s health issues and pelvic floor health.  I went to additional training, specializing in Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor physical therapy.  IT BLEW MY MIND!

I had no idea how much I didn’t know.  And if I didn’t know it, the majority of the population must not know either.

I corrected my issues and am happy to report am back 100%.

Being the amusing man He is, God once again had more plans for me. I became pretty sick about the time my daughter turned 1.

After a lot of testing and doctor’s visits, tears and prayers, eventually I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  This entire process encouraged me to not only live a full and joyful life physically but mentally and emotionally as well.  I really dug deep into creating a better life for my family and myself. I am not perfect and this is an ongoing learning process!

With all of that said, THIS is the reason I became passionate about helping women.  I get it.  I TOTALLY get it.  I understand the mommyhood, the loss, the pain, the other more personal issues ‘down there’, the overwhelm, the joys, the struggles, and the triumphs.  I want to help every single woman out there find ways to live a more joyful, fulfilled, and whole life.

You deserve it.  We ALL deserve it.  We deserve to live this life as fully as we possibly can!