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You Are Enough.

Why do we, especially as women, feel like we are not enough?

How is it that we can truly be so amazing in so many ways, and yet feel inadequate?

I struggled with this for many years.  So much so, that I got a tattoo on my forearm as a daily reminder that I am, in fact, enough.

No matter what people say.  No matter what people do.  

No matter what pictures you see.  No matter what the media says.  

No mater what your friends have done to you.  No matter what your family has done to you.  

No matter what has happened in the past.  No matter what you have done in the past.

No matter what.  You are enough.  You are beyond enough.  Just as you are.  In this very second, you are enough.  Not after you lose 5 pounds, not after you pass that test, not after you get married, not after you do anything at all.  You are enough RIGHT NOW.  RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND!!!

This is the message I want to send to my daughter.  I tried for many years to ‘fit into the mold’ of what I thought the world wanted me to be, as so many of us do.  And finally, after having my daughter, I knew something had to change.  I knew I didn’t want her to grow up thinking she always had to be something she was not in order to be enough.

In today’s world we are exposed to daily views of ‘what we should be’.  Social media can be such a blessing, but it can also turn into a tool for comparison, and that leads to nothing but pain, fear, and disappointment.  If we could just take a step back and realize that those images are not real life.  They rarely tell of the massive joy and pain and magic that this world can be when you stop comparing and start living.  When you start believing in yourself as enough, the world opens up.  You become capable of so much more, and you invite so much more joy into your life.

My wish is for every woman in this world to know what it feels like to know she is enough.  Because she is.  You are.

And in case you didn’t catch it earlier, you are enough.


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